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Choung-Ryong Fisheries
Choung-Ryong Fisheries, Inc. which is located at the southern end Seogwipo in South Korea, has three mottos. These are hygiene, taste and freshness. Choung-Ryong Fisheries is registered as a wholesale dealer in five (Seogwipo, Hanlim, Seongsanpo, Jeju City and Moseulpo) fishery cooperative-associations in Jeju Island. We buy the freshest seafood and supply it to wholesale markets in the metropolitan city like department stores, discount stores and the Noryanggin fisheries market. Also, Choung-Ryong has used its special technology to provide home-delivery door to door 1-day service for the past 27 years.

Choung-Ryong Fisheries
Unusual for a seafood manufacturing company, Choung-Ryong has an innovative HACCP system covering processing to the finished product. We make a substantial effort to supply fresh and safe fish by passing it through a hygienic process including the complicated work of extracting minute alien substances using a metal detector. HACCP
Message From CEO
Message From CEO We have been part of the healthy living (well-being) industry for a long time, and we will continue to remain close to our customers, providing trust, excellent service, and contributing to a higher quality of life.
Yeong-Sup Moon Message From CEO