Basic system


"The taste of Jeju nature"is the New CI (Corporate Identity) of Choung-Ryong Fisheries, Inc.  Our company's philosophy is to improve gradually to achieve a second forward leap for Choung-Ryong Fisheries, which is one of 5 fisheries product companies in Korea.
Our logo uses a wave design representing Jeju Island's clean sea. The logo faces the upper right and it symbolizes the continued advancement of Choung-Ryong Fisheries. A combination of clean and fresh colors including a modern and strong English logotype represents the proper and courteous image of Choung-Ryong Fisheries. The green color means honesty and maintaining customers’ trust. The blue color symbolizes Choung-Ryong Fisheries’ efforts to maintain a clean environment. The deep blue color means the deep sea of Jeju Island. Through the combination of a simple wave design and strong logotype, our company logo shows a modern and stable image. Its additional refined beauty represents the identity of Choung-Ryong Fisheries.
Basic system

“The taste of Jeju nature”- The BI (Brand Identity) of Choung-Ryong Fisheries is motivated by Harubang, which is the local character of Jeju Island. Harubang, which originated from Jeju dialect, means grandfather and is the best character to represent Choung-Ryong Fisheries, which is located in Jeju Island and sells seafood from Jeju Island. A grandfather’s desire to give wholesome food to his children and grandchildren resembles the company's philosophy to supply clean and fresh marine products to customers.
The general circular design represents Jeju Island. The Harubang drawn with rough and crude line gives a rustic and friendly feeling. Logotype using calligraphy expresses the natural stylishness of Harubang. Green color represents Jeju Island. The orange Harubang represents the warm heart of a grandfather.